Lagos meets Nairobi to a new beginning


Technology has stretched all over the globe. Africa is rapidly coming online and start-ups with a backbone of innovative ideas are increasingly being planted throughout the continent. More devices are getting connected and problems associated with the continent are slowly being wiped out one after the other. Education, Health, Energy, Agriculture are all rising to better levels by the day. The future can only look up for the continent. What’s more fascinating is that the journey to the future is being led by Africans. More Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Passion driven people are rising up to step on the accelerator of this car of Innovation and Technology, driving down the road to its future destination.


The above paragraph explains why we are where we are now. Because we believe in the future of our continent and the impact we can create not just within the continent but globally. We believe in the power of Technology and using it to create, to improve efficiency, solve problems and to generally make lives better. That is how we found ourselves as Software developers. Not by mistake or chance, but by purpose and passion. Zeros and ones literally run through our veins.

Being Women in Technology, we experience different challenges as compared to our male counterparts. As the Tech scene in the continent edges towards the spotlight, we believe it is very important to have women in the team, to help shape a better future and to have diverse solutions to the already existing problems.

Enough of the introduction, let’s get to the crux of the matter. What is this blog about?



To have fun talking about innovative ideas and technologies. To have fun building a network of women passionate about solving problems creatively and making a difference. To have fun meeting these women over coffee sometimes (read meetups) and to have fun debugging code and sharing secret tips and tutorials.


To share our experiences and challenges as female developers. Talk about what makes sense and what we find ridiculous in this field. Share our everyday lessons, failures and document our journey in the hope of inspiring more women into the field.


The only way to know if you have understood anything is to teach it to the next person. Having tutorial posts will have us dig deeper into what we thought we already knew and interacting with our readers will add on to that. Having a community of more women sharing tips and pointers and examples of how they solved particular problems will probably make us go to bed with a broad smile.


When a Woman builds, she builds with a whole community in her mind. We shall have all-female hackathons to challenge our minds and come up with great ideas that with no doubt will contribute to the pool of already existing brilliant ideas that are making everyday life better.

Lastly, conversation.                                                                                                                

Start conversations on Technology, on Women in Technology, on What the future will be. Basically, topics around our common point of interest, which is Technology and share on what we think or feel is the way forward. We could even place a bet on some and introduce some fun.

Join us as we begin this thrilling journey. Happy 2016!!!

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