Tech Thursdays: Building a RubyGem is stealing Candy

For RubyonRails newbies or oldies, It came to my attention that a lot of people think building a gem is a hard thing to do.  I was almost in that corner until I was challenged to give a talk about building a RubyGem at a Rails Conference (Lagos on Rails). To my amazement, I later found out it’s nothing but it’s as simple as stealing candy from a baby.

This tutorial is quite short as I had to practicalize written code at the event, the Gem we built that very day was a very simple. The idea was just to show the audience how simple it is to build a Gem.

Here’s the link to the github repo. Documentation on how to test the gem from the console can be found on the link.

My slideshow at the event!

If you have questions for me regarding gems, Please do not hesitate to ask via comments.

Upcoming Tutorial: Rails Engines


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