Drones: The Way Forward?


Apologies for bringing this late as it was suppose to be featured yesterday as part of our Random Wednesday post. :)

Sometimes last year, A friend of mine acquired a drone and being inquisitive, I asked him why he decided to get a drone. He is one of the very few tech freak guys I know so that gave me the impression he must have a reason purchasing this cute machine. And of course, he shared some solutions he intends to carry out with his drone.

So, on the 25th of December, 2015 which was a Christmas day, an aunt of mine got sick and we had a lot of trouble trying to get drugs for her because most pharmacies were closed? Wondering why I talked about this? Here’s why:

So one of the interesting projects he wants to implement with the drone is “Using the drone for emergency health cases”.

  • An accident happened at home/work and you don’t know what to do to save the person’s life?
  • You are a doctor who witnessed an accident on a very less busy road and you need a first aid box to carry out first aid treatment.

If you live in Nigeria, you will agree with me that we witness a lot of accidents where we don’t have emergency units deployed as soon as possible. I believe if there’s a drone nearby that can save some of these accident victims before the emergency unit arrives, we’ll have a low percentage of losing our loved ones and a low death rate.

Anyway, I was really interested in the project so I shared it with another friend of mine who knows a lot about technology, He is the type that you share an idea with and he immediately give you a completed project or an on-going project about that idea just to tell you many people think like you. 

If I am asked “Are drones the way forward? I will say YES a million times, Interesting to know that we have some tech companies working on drone projects:

  1. Google also known as Alphabet Inc. : If you participated in the last Google Hash Code, the problem statement was writing the fastest algorithm for drones to deliver packages to customers from warehouses.
  2. Amazon has embarked on using drones to deliver packages to their customers.
  3. I recently watched a video about using drones for fire emergencies.
  4. I’m a huge fan of the famous Jennifer’s diary (A Nigerian comedy series) and from the season 3 of the series, drones were actually used for some of the video coverage. Interesting right? :)
  5. I have also seen drones being used by different worship centres for their major conventions video coverage.

Are you still saying No to drones? You might want to have a re-think. Here’s a video on how DRONES CAN BE USED FOR AN EMERGENCY HEALTH CASE:

In conclusion, Since I love Artificial Intelligence, I’m falling in love with drones as well and I look forward to getting mine someday, learning how to fly it, implement A.I with it to build a massive world class solution. Dreams change though! :)

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