Machine Learning Workshop: What’s in a name?


Hey, I want to share a little of my story with you.

It wasn’t too long ago that I’ve been a developer and now, I am on a track to being a Machine Learning professional. I read blogs and websites and did not understand the theory nor mathematics (concepts which I believed I had to be well-grounded) before I could apply algorithms. I desperately wanted to get started applying machine learning but I was too hung up on the theoretical aspect to move forward.

I made some research from fellow devs, who like me wanted to get their hands on the implementation of Algorithms to Machine Learning. I discovered most people I had interacted with had little or no idea about the implementation of Machine Learning. I discovered many have various challenges regarding the topic. So I decided to organize a machine learning workshop where we are not coming to just talk, but also implement a mini M.L project, whilst having minimal but useful discussions around reasonable projects on Machine Learning and how we can get DATA as DATA is important in planning a good Machine Learning system. We all know DATA is not readily accessible in Nigeria or even Africa (I stand corrected).

With respect to my long story above, I’d like to have an idea of your greatest challenge in being a Machine Learning Expert. The summary of various response(s) will enable me prepare the instructors with solutions. You can use mine as example:

  1. I don’t fully have a grasp of implementing DATASETS and building predictive models/algorithms with them.
  2. I also don’t know how I can go about gathering DATA in Nigeria to practice and build complex systems to solve problems.

Kindly feel the form here so that proper plans can be made towards this workshop to solve our various challenges. Thanks

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