My Roller Coaster Programming Ride.


By Waithira Kunene.

I can’t believe the far I have come to love programming, I never thought at any point in my life that I could ever write about it. Having done Computer Science for four years in a well renown university, I wasn’t yet bent to liking programming as such. In fact, I preferred doing project documentation as opposed to actual programming, which I would get someone to help me do.

However, when I completed my undergraduate, I knew I wanted to work caring less on the specialization as far it was an IT company or a technological environment. I would go through the job sites like Career Point, Brighter Monday etc and like any other fresh hunter I would land on the famous 4+ years experience statement that sucks the strength out of a fresh graduate. Most of them being programming jobs which I dared to try, I was still challenged having to send links of apps or rather the systems I had done. I did not know about the controls systems versions, or any of cloud computing platforms for deployment though I had a theoretical clue from the years in campus when guys from Oracle, Google etc used to come on boot camps to train us on such.

Though I paid less attention on the same, lucky enough I used to attend the events supporting Women in Technology and it actually paid off, especially when I attended Women in Tech events by Akirachix where I learnt about Andela. That was my stepping stone. Having gone through intense training with them changed a whole lot of my programming life and now I know where to get resources for learning. From watching video tutorials, reading through them, following them, making use of great developers and coming up with whatever I want.

The key thing I learnt is that both genders can do a good job in programming. I never think about my gender when I am coding until someone comes in shock like “Wow!, are you a programmer? How do you manage? Is it not hard? That’s a man’s thing!”. The truth is I have gone through sleepless nights trying to grasp programming concepts, I still do and I still will. I am all about breaking barriers using technology and I know it will pay off. Consistency is the key.

Gender doesn’t define what I do, it doesn’t limit either to achieving what I want ..

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