We turned one!


On the 1st of January 2016, we launched Tech In Pink. We had just been introduced via email three months prior and we already had a dream. 1 year later, we (Yetunde Sanni, Nigeria and Gertrude Nyenyeshi, Kenya) still have not met physically but the dream is still burning.

To celebrate the one year, we are doing a post of what our highlights in 2016 were :)

After brainstorming for a name and what our site should look like and what our first post should be, we officially announced it to the world and started off with this post.

We also did our first tutorial that month in Ruby.


We held our first all female programming bootcamp in Lautech, Ogbomosho in Nigeria dubbed GetInsparked, that had an attendance of over 50 young ladies passionate to learn about Software Development.


Yetunde taught and inspired the girls and Gertrude joined in over a video call to say a few words and answer some of the questions the girls had.



From the successful event in Ogbomosho, we kicked off our mentorship programme by selecting the most impressive ladies in the event to guide them through learning and building their first websites.

Ruth Obe, one of the ladies who we mentored and was extended an invitation to join Andela fellowship in January this year had this to say about the mentorship:

You don’t know how well you can achieve something until you’ve started it.

2016 was indeed a remarkable year for me as a beneficiary of the tech-in-pink mentorship program. I was introduced to computer programming through the program as a novice in html and before the end of the year, I built several full stack applications. It’s indeed incredible.

Much thanks to you Gertrude Nyenyeshi and Yetunde Sanni who chose to encourage females to come into the system and making us believe that gender is not a limitation to what we can achieve.

I am really proud to have benefited greatly from it and look forward to share the knowledge with other young women in my community.

We were also mentioned in Story Zangu in early March during BAKE Awards regarding us as a blog to be nominated under Tech Category.

This was a vote of confidence in its own way since we were just 3 months in, not really sure if what we were doing would work.

Yetunde’s post was featured by Andela during this month on her post on being a female developer.


We arranged for the second event in Nairobi, Kenya dubbed Start From Scratch. This was yet another all-female programming bootcamp where the target was to build this app.


You can read more about how the event went and what the girls had to say here and the technologies used on that day.

Yetunde also joined in via Video Call to encourage the girls to be confident and believe in themselves.


We took up a second mentee from Start from Scratch event.

Salma, our mentee had this to say:

It was a wonderful experience attending Start from Scratch. I miss the ladies that I got to meet and learn from. The opportunity to work with such an incredible mentor, Gertrude, who made coding so much fun for me and challenged me to work and not give up on what I intended to achieve is simply amazing. Thank you Tech In Pink!


One of the mentees we mentored got an internship job remotely in a US based company through Tech In Pink.


Gertrude took part in the Global Give Back Circle Parade through Andela.

The Global Give Back Circle integrates Mentoring, Private Sector Engagement and Government and Local Community Support in a “Circle of Empowerment” that guides an at-risk girl to complete her educational journey, gain employable skills, transition into the workplace and embrace the joys of Citizenship through Giving Back.

Yetunde was interviewed on a local radio station in Nigeria where she spoke about Tech In Pink and our mission.


Yetunde won a Toptal Scholarship which in turn jumpstarts her venture into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that she intends to use to impact the community in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


We also got a new revamped logo this month.



Gertrude was part of the team that led a session during the Akirachix Annual African Women in Tech Conference that happened on the 12th of November in Nairobi.


We also launched our t-shirts and hoodies!







Yetunde spoke at the Google Women Techmakers at the University of Ibadan and was also part of the Panel in the African Women in Tech Conference, Ghana where she spoke about how Artificial Intelligence and Drones are impacting Agriculture. You can read about it here.




Gertrude had the opportunity to have a chat with Kent Beck, an American Software Developer, the creator of extreme programming, has authored books like Test Driven Development By Example and is currently a Technical Coach at Facebook.

You can read more about it here.


Throughout the year we were also able to write over 15 tech tutorial posts :) but only had one guest post. We hope to have more next year. You can always reach out to us via techinpinkafrica@gmail.com to have your post published.

As we enter 2017, we have so much planned for the year and to be more involved in the community. We thank you all for the support and we look forward to seeing you this year.

Much love,

Yetunde and Gertrude.

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  1. Congratulations Tech in Pink!
    Thank you for the Start from Scratch Training. It helped me start my use of Git and GitHub

  2. please email me your number i will like to ask you about andela cause am a web designer and i applied for it but after passing through the first stage i couldnt pass through the second stage cause i had no knowledge when it comes to python programming……please email me or drop a message on my website http://kayceelove.kessengineering.com/

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