Grace Gathoni: Starting out and Tech In Pink Mentorship.


I met Grace during the start from scratch event that we held in Nairobi last year. She was in the team of ladies that I (Gertrude) coached for a day and from the moment we began interacting I could see her passion, excitement and yearning desire for building with and through technology. She is currently on her third week of Tech In Pink mentorship where she will learn the basic and core concepts of software development :) Here’s what she has to say:

Starting out

I spent the past eight months doubting my programming skills and whether I was really made for it. I had been programming for about five months from online courses. That was the best programming period for me. I must say, cracking those challenges, learning something new every day and solving a problem that I spent a while on (only to discover it was a missing semicolon) was very incredible. The wonderful thing about it was that I could CREATE something, I could CHANGE it to make it more appealing or add more features to it. Sitting by my desk, sipping my cup of coffee as I stared at my laptop scratching my head didn’t seem like a routine. It was something I loved, something I enjoyed, something I looked forward to.

So why did I back out?

Doubt. Fear of the unknown. That was the plague that ate me up. Once I got into JavaScript, I couldn’t get through most of the lessons. I always wondered if I had to get everything in my head so I could be comfortable enough to take up any project. Since I wasn’t heading that way, I got really frustrated. So what did I do? I did less of it, I couldn’t get myself to have fun solving anything. I stopped. Coding became something I would do someday.

But now…

By the beginning of this year, I had set the pace that I could do anything I set my mind to. My programming dream has once more been ignited by the Tech In Pink coding mentorship I am currently enrolled in. I know I don’t have to know everything off head as I can keep learning, something that will never end. I know I’m not alone in this since software development is all about a team working towards a common goal.

Knowing that I can create and change something and put the world in a better place, is enough reason for me not to be scared of the unsolved problems creeping up. I would be the girl in the battlefield who has no idea of how to fight but will still win anyway. Speak of determination

You said you were?

I am Grace, the once doubtful programmer.

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