Guest Post?


We are happy to publish any articles on our blog :) Below are the categories and the requirements to meet in order to get your article posted:

  1. Woman of Color: We accept articles but give preference to articles authored by women of color i.e Black or African American. We are doing this to encourage more women of color in tech to write tech related articles.
  2. Storytelling/Journey.
    1. Tell a story of how you joined the field of tech you are in.
    2. You should be active in this particular field.
    3. Share lessons learned/challenges you faced.
  3. Tutorials.
    1. A tutorial of something you are currently learning/or are familiar with.
    2. Programming language of your choice.
    3. Code snippets are a requirement.
    4. Clearly state the level you are writing for i.e beginner/intermediate.
    5. Observe best practices.
  4. Prose Knowledge.
    1. If doing a whole tutorial is tasking you can write an article about the technology i.e What you should know about React
    2. Should be fact based and not misleading.
  5. Thoughts/Opinons
    1. Your opinion on any field of tech.
    2. Devices/technologies that are currently fascinating you.
    3. What you think is the future of tech.

Send your articles through to You can also reach out to us with any questions.